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What are the best locations for a maternity photo shoot in Pune

Before organizing any photo shoot, you prominently look for the prerequisites and want to make sure all is right before it begins. Every aspect matters, whether it is about the brand and quality of the photographic lens to be used, the photographer’s experience and skill, or the properties required according to the event. This list specifically mentions the importance of selecting the best and most suitable location for a convenient and successful maternity photo shoot in Pune.
You’re aware that a maternity photo session is unique and cannot be conducted as conveniently as other photo shoots. Here, we primarily prioritize the health of the expectant mother, while also considering numerous other factors. Evidently, you need a location that is not only suitable from the photo shoot point of view but also entirely convenient for the lady and the family members. Most importantly, the location should be such that it triggers joyful vibes in the pregnant lady and lifts her spirits in every way.
Let’s try to discover some of the best and most appropriate locations in Pune where a maternity photo shoot can be remarkably good.

Aga Khan Palace

If the idea is to conduct your Maternity Photoshoot in Pune at a location with a historical backdrop, you may choose Aga Khan Palace. The palace is famous for its grand architecture, tranquil environment, lush gardens, and aura that dates back to the Mughal reign. While you cannot ignore the majesty of a kingly structure, the lady in focus would love to pose around the peaceful ponds and widely spread lawns, which too symbolize a royal environment.

From the mother’s perspective, the feel of culture and richness of history can work like boosters, and the photos can be memorable.

Osho Garden

Located in the central part of Pune, Osho Teerth or Osho Garden, is another place known for its serene surroundings and sensational escape. The aura of this place any day presents unlimited prospects for you to photograph. When you have the best maternity photographer in Pune with you, you may expect magical snaps. You may plan any photo shoot here, but in terms of a photo session dedicated to the maternity of a loved one, this place exceeds expectations.

From the mother’s perspective, the spirituality in the air here is extremely healthy—not just physically but also mentally. The rejuvenation on the mother’s face can make photos captivating.

Khadakwasla Dam

The beauty of Khadakwasla Lake makes this dam special in terms of photo shoots. This water reservoir around the Mutha River is one of the favorite destinations for people to holiday and spend some quality time. The natural beauty that generates romantic senses is the perfect characteristic of Khadakwasla Dam, but it is more about the opportunity to take breath-taking snaps, which makes it apt for a maternity photoshoot in Pune.

From the mother’s perspective, this place can multiply the inherent qualities of love and care and the lady may love to flash cuddle the baby bump in the company of water and greenery around.

Vetal Tekdi

Vetal Tekdi is a renowned hill around Pune and is a favorite destination to travel to once in a while. The presence of lush green trees assures you of an unlimited supply of oxygen, which means health, vigour and joviality—all packed together. So this complete package makes Pune the most preferred destination for photo shoots, and so you have all the good reasons to plan your Pune maternity photoshoot at this place.

From the mother’s perspective, it offers an elevation in mood and a change in attitude, particularly if the lady has not walked out of home for some months and wants to break some barriers.

Pashan Lake

Pashan Lake is yet another pretty spot with abundant natural attractions around Pune. A photo shoot adjacent to a lake undoubtedly taps the photographer’s innovation and in terms of maternity photo shoots, Pashan Lake is assuredly an amazing locale dedicated to the purpose.

From the mother’s perspective, Pashan Lake is a comfortable place to be, as it relieves the lady from pregnancy stress and makes her dream of a beautiful baby—a baby as attractive as the greenery of trees and the vastness of the lake around her. Stunning photographs are guaranteed.

Bund Garden

The Bund Garden is famous for multiple attractions, which include ornamental fountains, landscaped pathways, well-manicured green surroundings, and much more. Why can’t a maternity photoshoot in Pune be planned here? That is simply because you don’t need professional vision or innovative snapping skills to click. Each of the photographs is bound to be awesome.

From the mother’s perspective, this place is special because she is likely to feel more connected to nature and experience cheerfulness with the chirps of birds on trees.

Empress garden

Whenever you think about a place that has been aesthetically landscaped and thoughtfully raised, Express Garden will be on your mind. The garden has everything, right from serene spots to winding paths and from invigorating greenery to still ponds. Your maternity photographer in Pune will thank you for choosing this place for the photo shoot.

From the mother’s perspective, the Express Garden has a rare calming effect that every lady deserves during her pregnancy period.

Maternity Shoot Locations Pune

University of Pune Campus

Whether you want architecture to take center stage, lush greenery to be the highlight, or the tranquility of the location to be felt in the photos, the University of Pune Campus promises it all. Being an amazing and memorable place for your maternity photo session, you won’t regret coming down here. In fact, your imagination is at the next level and if you have a professional for this maternity photoshoot in Pune, the snaps are sure to be out of the box.

From the mother’s perspective, this place taps the vibes of academic excellence and they may transfer to the baby as well.


Pune is surrounded by many captivating locales that are best suited for conducting a maternity photo shoot. Most of these places are moderately crowded, so they do not pose any hindrance to the mother and your photo shoot can also take place hassle-free.

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