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Pre-Wedding props ideas and trends for 2024

Numerous pre-wedding extras for 2024 in India, such as color bombs and your engagement ring, can charm your photo session and many more ideas or trends. Forget the tired clichés and check out our newest concepts!

Good day when it’s your pre-wedding shoot day right! An engagement photo shoot is a must-attend event!

 Here we are with the pre-wedding props. The use of props is crucial during photo shoots. Props are helpful for couples who are uneasy and have a hard time posing.

Pre-Wedding Props: What to Avoid

The use of clichéd props like placards, banners, and signs with phrases like “He’s mine, she’s mine,” “My cook, my ATM,” and heart cutouts is overdone. So avoid using these props if you want to try something novel. See our list of fun, modern pre-wedding props below!

Eleven creative Pre-Wedding Prop Ideas

1. Use Guitar; A best prop idea

Use the musical instruments as your pre-wedding props, whether you can play them. They give the overall image a romantic feel. It would be romantic if the guy held a recording device while the two of you held guitars or let the girl hold it alone. If you’ve ever dedicated songs specifically for each other, it will bring back a memory. Additionally, if you are ultimately into it, wear rock and roll-inspired attire or throw a leather jacket over any outfit you wear.

2. Use Candle

One more to give the pictures of the lovebirds a romantic feel. For photography at night or indoors, candles work best. It would help if you didn’t use candles outside because it can be challenging to light them in the wind. To get the best pictures, use candles as the background or form a heart so that you can be imaginative and make the best use of the prop.

You can reenact your romantic dinner by candlelight. Without a candle-lit dinner, a courtship period is undoubtedly incomplete. This will enable you to get the best pictures and serve as a trip down memory lane.

3. Flower Petals

Flowers are beautiful props that can add beauty and perfection to any photograph. There has always been a special connection between flowers and couples. The images can be made more glamorous by using flower petals and bouquets. Lay down on the rose petals that have been scattered, or try flower petal showering.

Filling some recycled jars with flowers and hanging them from a tree is another inventive way to use flowers. Get the best close-up pictures by tying them at various heights. Alternately, for a dramatic shot, use split lighting with candles, fairy lights, and rose petals.

4. Ring

This photo can add something special to your wedding album. A few pre-wedding prop ideas with rings include close-up pictures of the couple’s engagement rings, rings on the beach, and the two of you in the background. These unposed pictures will serve as a reminder of your relationship and dedication.

6. Sparklers / Lights

This creative pre-wedding accessory is enjoyable and suitable for nighttime photography. The most popular type of fireworks used during the festival of lights, sparklers, also creates a stunning effect during the pre-wedding photo session. Consider talking to your photographer about these long-exposure pictures. Hold them in your hands or use them as a bokeh-effect background.

If you’re concerned that they might be dangerous, opt for fairy lights. They also appear lovely. Hug each other while surrounded by fairy lights, or hang your favorite portrait pictures with fairy lights as the background. Night lanterns or sky-high fireworks are other options.

7. Balloons

Balloons are necessary for any special occasion, including birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings. They give the pictures more life. They make beautiful props for pre-wedding photography as well! It would be perfect if there were a few multicolored balloons or a massive balloon with the wedding date! Alternately, choose metallic balloon colors like gold or copper. It’s wise to hide behind the balloons to capture the shadow effect. Colorful tassels will enhance the beauty of the balloons.

8. Umbrella

One of my favorite pre-wedding decorations is an umbrella! They stand for the union of two souls living under one roof. Additionally, having an umbrella gives you something to do with your hands, so you don’t need to pose as much. Choose ones in rainbow colors. Alternately, try wearing a vivid umbrella with dark clothing. You can increase the number of likes you receive on Instagram by using transparent umbrellas with fairy lights.

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