Pre-wedding Photography & Wedding Photoshoot Services in Pune & Mumbai

Pre Wedding

Creating Beautiful Memories For A Lifetime

Pre-wedding photo sessions are a great way for the bride and groom to get used to being in front of the camera together. If you do this, you’ll be ready for the photo marathon that will be your wedding. We’ve all thought about how much a pre-wedding photo shoot might cost at some point. Want to know how much a photo shoot before a wedding would cost? To prepare for your pre-wedding photoshoot, you may wonder how much such a beautiful and perfect photoshoot might cost.

And as Indian weddings have changed over the years, with more elaborate ceremonies, brighter and more luxurious settings, and bigger guest lists, so has wedding photography.

The Current Wave in

The pre wedding Photographers in Pune and the couple usually hang out for a while before taking engagement photos. The goal of these sessions is for you and the photographer to get to know each other. Even though these photos are meant to show the heart of the couple’s relationship, people are open to trying new things and experimenting during these sessions. Photos are increasingly used for many things, such as electronic invitations, event decorations, and even home wallpaper.

Everything from Underwater Photography to Photos of Levitation

They’re following every trend that’s hot right now. Couples can find out what’s popular and not by using the Internet. Couples today would go to great lengths to have their pre-wedding photos taken in exotic places in the hopes that these photos will go viral on social media.

Expenses of a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

We offer different packages for our pre wedding photography services in Pune to meet the needs of each couple. Depending on whether the couple wants photography or videography for their pre-wedding session, the cost could be anywhere from Rs. 30,000 for photography to Rs. Everything hinges on the couple’s willingness to think beyond the box. Locations, themes, props, and the couple’s clothes are discussed in depth before being set in stone. Day-long location and travel expenses are factored into the total price tag and might vary widely depending on the project’s concept and tone.

Our pre-wedding picture sessions come in a wide range of price points and geographic coverage. Couples often choose either photography or making a movie for their wedding these days. So, depending on the couple’s interest, our prices range from 50,000 to 1,000,000.

Varying Cost Factors

Our research has shown that the cost of a photoshoot increases when the couple chooses to do it at a paid location and hires stylists and makeup artists for the day. We recommend letting your true feelings and signs of love do the talking. The best pre-wedding photoshoot shows how the couple feels about each other.

The idea of taking pictures of the couple before the wedding is the most important part of a photo shoot. We think couples would get the most out of going back to places that are important to them, like the first coffee shop they went to.

Some couples choose to travel to faraway places for their pre-wedding photos. The shooting costs go up if it takes longer because more days of filming require more money for crew wages, equipment, and lodging.


The perfect pre wedding photoshoot in Pune would mix simple elegance and many flashes. Low-cost props are always a good idea for photos taken before a wedding. Here are a few things professional photographers say you should keep in mind for your pre-wedding photoshoot:

  • Clothing, makeup, and how you look greatly impact how the photo shoot will go. So, the best choice is to wear little or no makeup.
  • Second, put comfort over style and wear what makes you feel the best. Even if the subject is uncomfortable, photographs show the truth.
  • Just be yourself and let the photographer take your picture.

Compared to all the other costs of a wedding, the cost of an engagement session is very small. We hope you now have a good idea of all the obvious and hidden costs that come with scheduling a pre wedding photoshoot service in Pune. Consider this estimate of how much a pre-wedding session will cost before you flash that beautiful smile for the camera.

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