Pre-wedding Photography & Wedding Photoshoot Services in Pune & Mumbai

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: 

01 Social Media: All social media, including Facebook and blogs, must cite the photographer’s name when the material is published online. The client agrees to never alter any of the photos posted online publicly (with the exception of cropping for Facebook’s Timeline). If our photographs are posted online by a family member or friend, the client agrees to not crop them (except for forced cropping), alter their color, or alter them in any way.

02 Liability: During the photo shoot or consultation, Forever Yours Photography will not be responsible for any accidents to children or damage to public or private property due to client neglect.

03 Photo Cooperation: Forever Yours Photography is not liable for obstructed or ruined photos as a consequence of other vendors and venue workers performing their jobs. Guests are not permitted to take pictures in a manner that obstructs other guests’ pictures or results in additional flashes going off.

04 DATA SECURITY after the photography session, team keeps client files for up to 1 years, and they are not liable for any claims after this period. All client files will be deleted and backups will be purged after this period.

05 The photographer has the right to take and edit photographs as they wish, based on their experience and artistic vision. If the client has any specific requests, they must provide a ‘shot list’ listing all shots required.

06 A photographer(s) may take one 20-minute break during a photography session of up to two hours length, and use the bathroom as necessary. A full meal will be provided to any photographer(s) photographing a wedding or other event lasting longer than two hours.

07 Clients must inform the Photographer via email if they wish to change the date or location of their shoot (including but not limited to weddings, pre-wedding, maternity, engagements, or baby photography sessions).

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